Jane Barr

Jane Barr  - 780 pxl.jpg

Acting Nurse Unit Manager, Anaesthetics Recovery and Operating Theatres

Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital. 

“I don’t have a typical day and that’s why I love this job.  We have five operating theatres and it depends from day to day how many procedures we do.  We do everything from your simple cataracts to re-implantation of thumbs that have been chopped off.

Patients are really out of their comfort zone when they come up here, quite disempowered and vulnerable.  I think the amount of trust that a patient gives to us is incredible. It comes with a great deal of responsibility to do our best every time. 

We advocate for our patients and when a patient says thank you, or their family says thank you, it means a lot. Sometimes we do get forgotten as we sedate our patients and it’s all a bit of a blur. It’s incredibly satisfying for someone to say a simple thank you because we do put a lot into our patient care here.”