Jen Rickard

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Nurse Unit Manager, Ward 7B (Haematology & Medicine)

St George Hospital

“My role is Nurse Unit Manager of Ward 7B, where we look after haematology, endocrine, rheumatology and radiation oncology patients.

Safety matters most to me at work. It’s about making sure the nurses are adequately trained and supported to develop their knowledge and skills. It’s about making sure our patients are fully informed when they’re making decisions about their care or the care of their loved ones. Without safety in either one of those groups, we can’t give good patient care. 

Recently I was involved in the care of a patient who had been palliated and it was their desire to go back to their home town in rural NSW.  We were able to provide them with care here that stabilised them and gave us the time to find appropriate accommodation.  We were able to get them safely and comfortably back to their home town, where they were able to die in the presence of their family with comfort and dignity.  It was quite an involved process to be able to coordinate everyone, but we managed to do it.”