Jenni Spencer

Manager, Elizabeth Hunter Lodge

Uniting War Memorial Hospital

“We’re hostel accommodation for country people and their families coming to Sydney for treatment. It could be at St Vincent’s, Prince of Wales, the Dental Hospital, Sydney/Sydney Eye Hospital and even St George. They stay for a night or for over 6 months if they’ve had an organ transplant.

I’m a country girl, so I feel like I relate. Some guests are very nervous on arrival. It’s a big city and they’re not used to it. I try to help them in every way. Then they become experts and the next thing you know they’re showing another guest how to catch the bus and where the shops are.  I love that. I like to know that they feel at home.

We see all sorts of people coming and going.  We try and make their stay as happy and homely as possible even though they are going through a very stressful time.”