Joanna McIlveen

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Leave Relief Social Worker

Sutherland Hospital

“My role in the social work department is to cover when there is leave or vacancies. I love the variety, as it’s all over the hospital.  We deal with a whole range of issues, anything from child protection, domestic violence, elder abuse, guardianship cases, bereavement, death and dying.  We provide counselling services and also advocate for patients on wards.

I recently saw a gentleman who was 92 and he was with his wife. They had been married 61 years.  He was obviously throwing out lines that he used all the time and he said this one self-deprecating comment. His wife said ‘Oh, it gets my goat when you say things like that’. She turned and said to me ‘He’s been saying it for 61 years.’ Then there was this tension between them, but he turned, winked and smiled at her and then she beamed.  Their interaction was amazing and part of the reason I why love working in health.”