Joshua Cohen

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Palliative Care Nurse Practitioner 

Calvary Hospital 

“I work solely in residential aged care. My day is usually spent facilitating reasonable palliative care outcomes for patients and helping build palliative care capability for residential aged care staff.  

Calvary has committed two full time nurse practitioners to this space, which is wonderful. I have a passion for residential aged care as having had an elderly parent in that situation, I know how vulnerable you feel and how unprepared you feel for what’s coming. Usually I try to ensure a family member will be there when I come, because often these patients can’t communicate or advocate for themselves and in my experience the family members know them best.

I’m also involved in some State committees – Palliative Care Nurses Australia and Palliative Aged Care Nurses. I’d like to think big picture-wise I’m contributing to outcomes for elderly people who are very vulnerable. It’s a challenging career to be in, but it’s something I love.”