Julie Taylor

Director of Mission Integration

Calvary Healthcare Kogarah

“My role is across the whole hospital and all the services we offer in the community.  It has the lens of mission and integrated into all we do and our way of being. Our mission is best given expression in the way we continue to work in the spirit of the Sisters of the Little Company of Mary. The foundress, Mary Potter, had a devotion and dedication to praying for and companioning the dying. Our mission is to support people who are sick and vulnerable. We have a beautiful expression / motto ‘Being for others’.

The body, mind and spirit component drew me into health. Healing can happen even if someone is not cured. We do a lot of exploring with our staff to say what healing means, because it’s holistic. Someone may have a wholeness and be ready to die. Or they’re not cured of an illness but they have learnt to embrace it and live with it as a friend, rather than fighting it all of the time. 

Every staff meeting we have starts with a reflection. Once a month I will take staff on a journey to explore what is part of our story and tradition and how it applies today. It is a fulfilling, fascinating & privileged role.”