Justin Quigley

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Enrolled Nurse, Emergency Department

Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital

“I love the emergency department with its fast pace and critical care environment. Although it can be stressful at times, I like to think I thrive in that. Before pursuing a career in nursing, I served for six years in the Royal Air Force Regiment in the UK and completed tours in Iraq and Afghanistan. This experience certainly impacted my decision to become a nurse and I’m currently studying to become an RN with the long-term ambition to work in an aeromedical capacity combining my two careers. 

I love the variety of the role in that each day is a new opportunity to enhance my skillset. Working in an Emergency Department in the heart of the CBD, at Australia’s oldest hospital, allows me to care for patients who present with different ailments and from many walks of life.  I enjoy the ever-changing environment that I work in, and the fact that I have a great multi-disciplinary team that I work with.

I pride myself on being approachable and able to build rapport quickly with patients, especially when in many cases they may be at their most vulnerable with illness or injury.  This year I was recognised as Nurse of the Year at our hospital. I was humbled and thrilled as what matters most is the safety and wellbeing of our patients.”