Kate Dyer AM

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Clinical Midwife Consultant, Maternal Foetal Medicine 

Royal Hospital For Women 

“My primary role is supporting women and families through pregnancy where nothing is normal. Either the woman has some significant medical problem or her baby is not progressing normally and may require lots of intervention soon after birth.  I’m very spoilt, as I work as part of a gorgeous team where we get to know families almost as a professional friend.

What matters to me is I want every woman we see to leave the consult feeling like she was the most important woman in our world at that time. We have to have very adult, complex and open ended conversations with families. We can’t necessarily help women get perfect babies or a perfect outcome, but I want them to feel they’re important in our team’s world.

It’s actually quite a beautiful role; we get to meet some extraordinary women making really difficult decisions on behalf of their babies and their families.  Women never make the wrong decision for a child, ever. The pleasure for us is being able to work with women to make sure that whatever is happening for them, they have the right information, to make the right choices. I’ve been lucky enough to be doing this for an awfully long time, which is fantastic.”