Kay Maddison

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Hand and Wound Clinical Nurse Consultant

Sydney Hospital / Sydney Eye Hospital 

“You use your hands every single day and it’s not until you have an injury you realise how important they are. We see lots of fractures, infections, bites, lacerations, amputations and workplace or power tool injuries.

When I was young I had an issue with fainting, which people find hilarious.  I haven’t fainted for a very long time, but I had issues getting into my training. It’s perfectly fine now. I see the most gruesome injuries and it doesn’t affect me.

We always get a peak of injuries at Christmas and after Father’s Day.  We see 70 year olds using angle grinders - Stop it!  If you’re going to do something with a power tool or sharp object, take your time and plan it. It’s always the same excuse - ‘I lost my concentration; I looked away for a second.’ Take a moment and think: What have I done with my hands in the last 10 minutes and how would it impact me if I couldn’t use one of them? The functional stuff is one thing - driving, working, cooking, personal hygiene and shopping. But it’s also the stress, possible loss of income and the affect it has on your family.”