Kristin Mills

Nursing and Midwifery Executive Support Manager

St George Hospital

“I work with the Director of Nursing and Midwifery (DON), the Deputy DON and our administrative support. It’s a diverse job; I have the opportunity to be creative while supporting our high standard of care. I oversee our development and operational programs like the Future Nurse Unit Manager / Midwifery Unit Manager Program and the Next Step Nurse Manager Program. I work closely with almost all departments to ensure nursing and midwifery is well represented and well respected.

I used to play violin. I started when I was 4 years old. I was very shy and preferred to play than talk. Playing music blocked out noise and helped me with my confidence. I never studied music at school; instead my sisters and I learnt and played together. I stopped playing a few years ago when my arthritis worsened but I still hear it in my head when I hear a song with strings. The best piece of music to listen to and play was David Garett’s, 'He’s a pirate' from Pirates of the Caribbean!”