Loretta Martin

Nurse Educator 

Prince of Wales Hospital

“My role as an educator takes me on a daily journey to care for those nurses who are new to our organisation or in a new role.  It’s important that we nurture nurses at the beginning and throughout their career to ensure smoother pathways that benefit them, their teams and most importantly their patients.

The hospital setting can be a daunting place for our patients, and they depend on us communicating and being compassionate in every possible way – a smile and letting them know that they are in safe hands and we are there for them is sometimes all they require to gain a positive experience.

When I was much younger, I experienced sitting cross legged in an Indian Ashram in the presence of the then world-famous Mahareshi Mahesh Yogi, the same person the Beatles sat in awe of awaiting enlightenment. Now, here I am all these years later encouraging nurses to take care of themselves through meditation, yoga, mindfulness and a search for that very special spiritual guru right here in their workplace in downtown Randwick.”