Lorna Morrissey

Nurse Unit Manager, Kiloh Centre and Psychiatric Emergency Care Centre

Prince of Wales Hospital

“I’m part of the leadership team for the Eastern Suburbs Mental Health Service. I support the clinical nurse unit managers, clinical educators and acute admission units to provide high quality care to our mental health clients.

Mental health touches everyone’s life. One in four individuals will experience mental health challenges or distress in their lifetime. As mental health clinicians, it is our job to remind our clients in distress that they do have the ability to recover and regain control of their life. My favourite part of my job would be the unique opportunity I am given to be a part of an individual's journey to recovery, to see our clients feel empowered and hopeful for the future. 

Self-care is integral for mental well-being. Whether that’s going for a walk on the beach, listening to music, exercising, eating well, It's important to do something kind for yourself each day.”