Louise Coldwell

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Nurse Unit Manager - Waratah Cottage 

Garrawarra Centre 

“I am the Nurse Unit Manager for Waratah Cottage. It is an all-male cottage consisting of 20+ staff and can accommodate up to 26  residents. 

I love my job. I want to come to work to be able to make a difference to the lives of the and their carers. Dementia is a horrible disease, we are not only here for the residents but also their loved ones to offer support and reassurance through this challenging time. For me, when carers walk in and see their loved ones happy and smiling they feel a sense of relief and reassurance that their family members are being cared for in a safe, home-like environment.  

Recently a resident who had been quite sick was in the dining room looking upset. I said to him ‘what’s wrong?’ he replied, ‘I want that stuff, you know that stuff, Kellogg’s make it’.  Instantly I knew he meant Nutri-grain, which is his favourite. So I organised the cereal for him and placed it in front of him. His face lit up and he was munching away with a big smile on his face.  And you know what, it was just a simple thing, but to him, it made a huge different to his day. If we can have these small wins every day I know I am making a difference to the residents under my care who are faced with their own challenges everyday”