Maggie Ibrahim

Maggie Ibrahim - 780 pxl.jpg

Lead Dental Officer

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District 

"I have always loved dentistry, because it’s hands on.  I think that dentistry has a lot of artistic satisfaction in it.  Most dental patients are in pain, so seeing them in pain and then leaving relieved, it gives any clinician a great deal of satisfaction. 

What matters most is I want the patients to have the best dental treatment and the best outcome possible within our resources and our facilities. I like the letters and compliments they send, telling us they had a nice experience with us.  I also want the staff to feel safe, to be satisfied with their clinical work and to go home thinking they have done their best on the day. 

I love the team. I have 10 dentists and I’m part of the oral health executive team. If the team was not great, I don’t think I would have lasted 15 years!   A good team makes a difference really, because in health no one can work on their own.”