Marc Grilli

Clinical Nurse Educator 

Garrawarra Centre 

“I’m a clinical educator and I provide support across the cottages. I started working here when I was 17. I progressed from an AIN (Assistant In Nursing) to an Enrolled Nurse, then I trained as a Registered Nurse at St George Hospital and I’ve done a whole boomerang back here.  I’ve always been passionate about staff education, it’s been the career path I’ve always wanted to follow.

The residents are my priority. Ensuring their day to day quality of life is improved, whether it is sitting down with them, doing activities or even getting them outside. When the weather is great, we try to utilise the environment, it’s beautiful out here.

When I was very new here we had a BBQ.  Because I’m male, and I love BBQ’s, they elected me to start cooking.  As I was cooking the onions the residents were attracted by the smell and it was great interacting with them.  Some of the residents took the tongs and helped cook the onions.  It was a nice, simple pleasure and being able to sit down and have a BBQ with them was an excellent experience."