Margaret Martin

Manager, Development of Practice and Workplace Capabilities

SESLHD Nursing and Midwifery Unit

“I have a really strong interest in what makes a great leader.

The best leaders are people who are good with people and understand context. They can see different perspectives, they have the ability to step aside from the day to day and see what is really going on. They always focus on the outcome, the patient. That is the most important thing. Even in these very senior roles that’s why we come to work, because if patients are not in your sights then what are you doing? You might as well be a public servant working in an office.

One of my most memorable work moments was when we ran a leadership component of the NAMO (Nurses and Midwifery Office) Take the Lead program. There were people in the program who I had taught as student nurses or student midwives years and years ago. One particular day, somebody left on the evaluation form a tribute to the contribution I had made to their life as a clinical professional. It was overwhelming, I cried all the way home. To think that you had made such an impact on someone who was now working at a very high level was humbling.”