Marie Hodgetts

Patient Safety Manager, Clinical Practice Improvement Unit 

St George Hospital 

I started my nurses training at St George Hospital in January 1978. I’ve been working here on and off ever since.  I worked in the ICU for 25 years and loved it.

Now, I’m a Patient Safety Manager, working in the Clinical Practice Improvement Unit (CPIU).  Our team monitors patient safety issues and the quality of patient care.  The team helps with the investigation of serious clinical incidents and also manages complaints.  We try to make sure that the organisation is doing the right thing. We’re looking at what we can do to improve to keep our patients safe. 

I have seen many changes in my time, including the move from paper-based to electronic records and the subsequent benefits. I also saw the transition from hospital-based training for nurses to university-based training.  Some of the nurses I worked with who came out of university-based training were fantastic. I liked their critical thinking.

Over the years I’ve been a patient here myself, as well as several of my family. I had both my children here and have seen a couple of my grandchildren born here. I think the people and teams I have worked with have been absolutely brilliant, not just the clinical teams, but also in the CPIU. I like to help people. That’s what has kept me here.

Celebrating 125 years of St George Hospital serving our community.