Megan Pinfold

Megan Pinfold - POWH ICU - 780ox for web.jpg

Nurse Manager, Intensive Care Unit

Prince of Wales Hospital 

“As the Nurse Manager of the Intensive Care Unit at Prince of Wales I see the most significant part of my role as to ensure the Nursing Staff are supported, empowered and encouraged to provide excellent care to our patients and their loved ones.

What matters to me as the manager is the camaraderie throughout the entire unit. It is the Clinician’s - nurses, doctors, physio’s, social workers, dietitians, and pharmacists who are top of the patient’s and relative’s minds to receive kudos, but we could not do our jobs without the broader support of our patient services assistants, surgical dressers, ward clerks, cleaners, porters and stores people.  They may not realise it, but they significantly contribute to the care of our patients and their loved ones.

One of the highlights of my career was receiving the Inspirational Leadership Award at the 2018 International Nurses Day Awards. I love my job and feel very privileged to work with such an exceptional group of Nurses.”