Moving & Eating Mindfully

Back Health & Pilates Videos

These pilates routines have been specifically designed with the intention of assisting nurses and midwives to maintain good back health. The physical nature of nursing and midwifery work puts stress on the back and often resulting in acute and chronic back problems. Increasing core strength, flexibility of the spine and enhancing muscular control of back and limbs are all achieved by practicing Pilates. They feature physiotherapist and pilates instructor, Sue Simms.

Before you start these routines be mindful of your body’s condition and perform these exercises to your own level. We hope you take the time to incorporate these routines into your work life.


This video is a short routine focusing on stretching and is ideal for the start of the shift and can be undertaken in a group or during a shift.


These floor exercises are design to increase core strength at a deeper level and improve flexibility of the spine.

Disclaimer: These Pilates videos have been developed to improve the wellbeing and back health of nurses and midwives in SESLHD.If you have an existing back injury or condition or are experiencing acute back pain please contact your doctor prior to undertaking these exercises. Your particular situation may not be exactly suited to the approach and exercises within this app and therefore caution must be taken.

Mindful Eating 

Mindful eating allows us to bring attention to our relationship with food.  As we eat mindfully we are bring attention to the taste and texture of the food we are eating without judgement. Our brains provide us with signals that tells us how much to eat.  Mindful eating practices helps bring awareness to those signals allowing us to identify when we are full and helps prevent over eating.  Mindful eating has been shown to assist with weight loss. 

Some helpful points to remember when practicing mindful eating

  • Begin meals at a moderate level of hunger 
  • Try to eat more slowly than usual
  • Pay attention to the way the body feels before eating, during and at the end of each meal
  • Consider keeping a food journal for just a few days