Natalie Bowron

Natalie Bowron - 780pxl .jpg

Hospital Assistant

Garrawarra Centre

“It would be difficult to put my job in one category; I do a bit of everything. I do the cleaning of the corporate buildings and the cottages when required and I love being with the residents and the staff.

I also have a role of doing special function requests for the residents.  If we have some sort of special day, then I prepare the catering. It’s good for the residents because they get to see food that’s not normally in their cottage.  For Mother’s Day, I set the trolley up with high tea and all fancy cakes. It was really cute and the residents loved it. They also had their nails and hair done, so it was like this big pampering morning.

Garrawarra is a beautiful place.  I’ve been in other hospitals visiting relatives, and I’ve noticed it’s so broad and not very homey, whereas this is much homier.  Everyone knows each other and it’s a big happy family.”