A Mental Health Month to remember for South East Sydney

Each October, SESLHD's mental health staff take time to spread messages of hope and recovery, and raise awareness of mental health and wellbeing. The theme for Mental Health Month 2020 was ‘Tune In’.

“We are a passionate group of professionals and we truly love what we do,” said Angela Karooz, General Manager, SESLHD Mental Health Service.

“October is always a very proud and productive time for mental health services, raising awareness for our community, consumers, carers and staff on the benefits of physical health, wellbeing and good mental health.”

“I encouraged you all to tune in to your senses, your community and take a moment to connect with you, your environment, your body, and focus on your mind."

Mental health staff from across the District sent in photos and video messages of hope and resilience, and expressed the reason they come to work each day. Cards of hope were written by people with a lived experience of mental health challenges, then shared with other consumers who can keep these positive messages to review in times of distress. 

Mental health staff from across the District also stopped at 2:30pm on Wednesday, 28 October to recognise Mental Health Hour, a new initiative to promote togetherness and community. The video was debuted online and on social media and hope cards were shared.

St George and Sutherland Mental Health Services took part in the month-long Tune In Festival, in partnership with local councils and other community organisations. Meanwhile, the team at St George Hospital's inpatient unit, in collaboration with current consumers, continued its traditional celebration by creating a Mental Health Month banner. The team's resident music therapist also created a silent disco for consumers to enjoy.  

At Prince of Wales Hospital teams created a Recovery Tree on each ward, keeping in tune with the idea of promoting hope, resilience and wellbeing. The peer team also ran a group specifically tailored at tuning in to stigma.   

Staff sharing messages of hope during Mental Health Month