A warm welcome to our wellbeing ambassadors

As we transition out of what has been an incredibly challenging period, it’s important that we take time to reflect on our own wellbeing. To help us all do this, 10 wellbeing ambassadors will lead the way ensuring morale remains healthy amongst our staff.

The new and unique role was open to staff from all disciplines and departments with a passion for wellbeing.

Interest in the positions was extremely competitive, and exceptional candidates have been chosen among a large pool of applicants.

Michelle Blewett, Employee Relations Consultant in the People and Culture Directorate, is one of the newly appointed ambassadors, and says her goal is to help strengthen workplace culture and employee engagement.

“I hope to promote initiatives that develop leaders to empower and bring out the best in their teams,” Ms Blewett said.

“I also hope to contribute to projects that promote self-care for our staff. When we take good care of ourselves, we are able to deliver better quality care to the communities we serve.”

Dr Rosalind Foster, a Sexual Health Physician at Sydney Sexual Health Centre, is another wellbeing ambassador eager to sink her teeth into this brand new role.

“I’m thrilled that we are prioritising and investing in the wellbeing of our staff,” she said. “It’s an honour to be a part of this.”  

“I look forward to helping to deliver long-term and meaningful strategies to enable individuals and their teams to flourish in our District.”  

Staff wearing patterned scrubs throwing confetti in the air