Art for Healing: new program launches at the Royal Hospital for Women

When Lisa Seiffert was undergoing treatment for breast cancer at the Royal Hospital for Women (RHW), she looked at the walls around her and saw an opportunity. 

“I was often alone in treatment rooms undergoing countless tests. I would have loved something on the walls to take my mind away from what was happening,” Lisa says. 

Lisa, a former model, was on the cusp of opening an art gallery in New York when she received her breast cancer diagnosis while on a visit back home in Australia.  

Lisa was able to channel her love of art into another project that will uplift the spirits of our patients and provide some comfort during their time with us. 

‘Art for Healing’ is a philanthropic art program inspired by Lisa and organised by the Royal Hospital for Women Foundation.  

Thanks to the support of artists such as Belynda Henry and gallerist Tim Olsen, the Royal’s hospital walls are going to be adorned with art. 

“The art program will not only positively impact patients, but also their loved ones, hospital staff and anyone else walking through the doors,” Lisa says. 

“The Royal was there for me in my absolute time of need physically and emotionally and this is my way of giving back.” 

When Lisa approached the RHW Foundation with this concept, it aligned perfectly with their vision for the hospital. 

“Our goal is to transform the physical space to reflect the wonderful energy of the hospital and its people and to create a nurturing, warm and inspiring environment for the incredible women who receive the best of care through the only dedicated women’s hospital in New South Wales,” said Foundation General Manager Elise Jennings. 

The Foundation is looking forward to partnering with more Australian and global artists as the art program expands. 

Art for Healing founder, Lisa Seiffert