Bulbuwil celebrates 10 years

10-year anniversaries are special, particularly for Bulbuwil a free healthy-lifestyle program for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples at risk of or who have a chronic health condition.  

Placing the anniversary on the same day as Close the Gap was no coincidence, highlighting the program’s ongoing commitment to working with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to improve health outcomes for themselves and their community. 

The program began as an initiative of the Integrated Care Unit working in partnership with the Aboriginal Health Unit. Margaret Broadbent and Gail Daylight from the Aboriginal Health Unit drove the vision to establish a service that met the needs of the growing Aboriginal community in the District’s South. The continuous involvement of the community has allowed the program to continue to grow each year, with over 200 clients participating.  

Skye Parsons, Director of the Aboriginal Health Unit attributes the program's long-running success to “the amazing team that work hard to empower our mob in the self-management of chronic conditions. Of particular importance is the Aboriginal Health Worker role which provides a cultural lens on what community needs are and supports the self determination of our local Aboriginal community.” 

The celebrations involved a smoking ceremony and an outline of the program’s history shared by Lauren (Lozz) Philips, Bulbuwil Aboriginal Healthy Lifestyles Officer. Community members also shared their personal stories of how the program has improved their wellbeing and physical health.  

Our District is committed to meaningful action in support of achieving Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander equity with many programs and services available. 

We encourage our staff to continue working together to improve the health and wellbeing of our Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples 

Bulbuwil celebrates 10