Café ‘green’ initiatives good news for the environment & SESLHD customers

Sutherland Hospital’s The Street Canteen and Prince of Wales’ Barker Street Canteen have announced they are ‘going green.’ Starting from this month, the cafes each have introduced paper straws and bags, as well as bamboo cutlery.  

In addition, customers who bring along a reusable cup for their drink orders will receive a 20 cent discount on their purchase. These changes to the café operations mean that by mid-year plastic containers will be phased out.  

Nora and Rouby Sidarous, owners of the cafés, said that by moving towards the use of more sustainable resources they hope to minimise their ecological footprint.  

“It is estimated that three billion coffee cups are sold in Australia each year, and many of those aren’t recycled. Our café staff are hopeful that by offering a discount to customers who bring their own reusable coffee cup that we can help reduce landfill and likewise for our strategies to discourage the use of single-use plastic utensils,” Mr Sidarous said. 

Cafe and hospital staff outside cafe