Calvary Healthcare Kogarah leads the way in environmental sustainability

From replacing outdated lighting to installing new technology, Calvary Healthcare Kogarah is leading the way in environmental sustainability according to John Muscat, Corporate Services Manager and Sam Jeyakumar, Director of Corporate Operations at Calvary Healthcare.

“We changed 1,200 lights to energy efficient light emitting diodes (LEDs) across the hospital,” Mr Jeyakumar said. “It cost $175,000 but they should pay for themselves within four years.”

In addition, with the help of Cannon, all 19 of the hospital’s printers are networked for "follow-me" printing, which has led to a decrease in wasted printing and shredders have also been installed on each floor, saving costs on the use of blue security bins.

“Whenever you go to print, you scan your ID and you can print from any printer,” Mr Muscat said. “All staff receive the monthly printing report and can keep an eye on their usage.”

Further, two new chiller systems, which are responsible for the hospital’s air conditioning, have been installed. They have replaced one 18-year-old chiller. The new technology allows water to compress and condense, generating heating as well as cooling. Since installation, Calvary has seen a substantial drop in both its gas and electricity bills.

Another development is the hospitals' lifts, which have been updated thanks to the help of their lift provider Otis.

“When the lifts are in a downward run, they act as a generator and put electricity back into the supply,” Mr Muscat said. “So there’s more efficiency.”

In an effort to keep Calvary's garden in shape, rainwater tanks that hold up to 60,000 litres have been installed. Gary Hancock, Gardener at the hospital, also successfully lobbied Georges River Council to plant trees on the nature strips around the hospital.

And finally, the hospital's café - The Street Canteen - has gone "green", by offering bamboo cutlery and a discount to staff bringing their own reusable cups.

"Other initiatives that the hospital is still working on include reducing food waste, recycling their metal and saving more energy by turning off unnecessary equipment. In regards to waste management performance, Calvary have been kicking goals, with costs and tonnes of waste both declining steadily over the last 12 months," Mr Muscat said.

Mr Muscat said the updates have been spurred on by great communication and education from our environmental champions, mainly from the Pastoral Care team.

More information on other sustainability programs across SESLHD and the 2019 - 2021 SESLHD Environmental Sustainability Plan 

Jenny Abellera showcasing the bamboo cutlery offered by The Street Canteen