Cancer care nurses' challenge calendar

With pledges to walk from Bondi to Manly, take up yoga, participate in the Stadium Stomp and read before going to bed, the nurses from St George Hospital’s Cancer Care Centre are embracing a wellbeing challenge, as a part of a year-long celebration of International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife.

The Cancer Services group are using a ‘challenge calendar’ for 2020, inspired by Nursing Now Australia and the Nightingale Challenge, with the aim to equip and empower the next generation of nurses and midwives as leaders, practitioners and advocates in health.

Beginning the year with a focus on self-care, the team made several wellbeing pledges and posted them on a challenge board to hold themselves accountable for these promises. They are continually updating the board that displays the pledges and recognises excellence in nursing.

For the month of March, Cancer Services is promoting men in nursing and the varied roles they hold in specialised cancer nursing. 

Jake Craven, Cancer Care Services Flow Co-ordinator for Haematology, Medial and Radiation Oncology, is encouraging staff to be involved in their challenge.

“We are celebrating International Year of the Nurse and the Midwife by raising the profile of nursing careers and getting behind the Nightingale Challenge,” Mr Craven said.

“Our challenge board is a great way to get everyone involved and help inspire each other to participate in various activities.” 

During April, the team will promote leadership courses and encourage interest from the nursing community who are seeking professional development into a Cancer Nursing Pathway. Development opportunities include professional coaching, leadership courses such as the Effective Leadership Programme and postgraduate studies.

Another aspect of the Nightingale Challenge is mentoring and anyone interested in the resources and tools to support new and emerging mentors should visit Nightingale Challenge Mentorship.

Jake Craven, Jeremy Chow, Phil Rodrigues & Michael Szwajcer