Celebrating 1000 voices

All milestones within the District are a celebration, but when the SESLHD Patient Experience Information Project reaches 1000 responses in less than three months-it’s an exciting one.  

This program collects and analyses patient feedback to better understand and improve the patient experience within our District.  

By using fully automated SMS survey invitations and advanced data analysis techniques, this innovative program is easy and effective for staff and patients. Each facility or service is provided with real-time patient response data through a customised dashboard, allowing staff to focus on caring for patients rather than collecting and analysing data.  

There are currently 15 services across SESLHD in the project.  

Patient Safety Managers at each hospital have championed its implementation to provide leadership and support to staff around safety and quality.  

Having commenced in March this year, the project is a true testament to the commitment of SESLHD staff in promoting positive experiences and providing exceptional patient-centred care. Feedback from patients about their care at SESLHD is very positive, with 98% of patients having stated that they were treated with kindness and respect. 

Dr John Shephard, Project Sponsor and Deputy Director of Clinical Governance and Medical Services has said that “reaching 1000 responses is a significant achievement. Each response represents a patient’s trust in our care and their willingness to help us improve”.   

Patient Experience Program