'Contact Trace' digital art exhibition transforms Sydney/Sydney Eye Hospital's historic façade

Recently hundreds of images captured in Sydney during the COVID-19 pandemic were projected onto Sydney/Sydney Eye Hospital’s (SSEH) historic sandstone southern archway, at the 8 Macquarie Street entrance.
The digital artwork, titled ‘Contact Trace’, depicted tales of humanity, fear and hope and featured some of SSEH’s frontline staff, including nurses Mandy ManRuby Yang and Ann Sy, as well as Domestic Services team member, Melchora Bowie.
The exhibition was created by photographer John Janson-Moore and presented by the City of Sydney and Illuminart Australia, with support from the Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation (SEHF) and SESLHD.
Linda Fagan, CEO, SEHF, said Contact Trace was one of a series of three site-specific light artworks across Sydney’s CBD called ‘Curated Stories in Light’, displayed during the evenings of 19 to 23 May.
“Sydney Eye Hospital Foundation was extremely proud to host this important exhibit – it was fantastic to see the iconic hospital building transformed into a public art space, enabling us to engage with the community in a new and different way,” Ms Fagan said.
“The artistic installation was brought to life not only by moving images, but through music by composer Andrée Greenwell – and was produced by Jacqui North – who has a wealth of experience creating dynamic, collaborative cultural events and videos.”
Jennie Barry, General Manager, Prince of Wales Hospital and SSEH, said the facility is Australia’s first hospital and has cared for patients for over 200 years – including through the Spanish flu pandemic in 1919.
“COVID-19 marked another significant chapter in the hospital’s history, with staff contributing to the pandemic response and at the same time, continued to provide specialist services to patients from all over NSW,” Ms Barry said.
Mr Janson-Moore said the cinematic display invited audiences to reflect and consider how we can best express, process and make sense of our experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic.
“Exhibiting Contact Trace at Sydney/Sydney Eye Hospital was particularly apt, given the global health emergency that is COVID-19,” Mr Janson-Moore said.
“Nurses, doctors, healthcare workers, cleaners and other frontline workers have been at the coal face of the pandemic since its emergence.” 
For more information, visit the 
SEHF website.

One of the images projected onto the hospital