Everyone is welcome here: Happy Mardi Gras

Sydney’s world-famous Mardi Gras is back for 2024 and the SESLHD community is celebrating our LGBTIQ+ staff and patients.

Our District is home to a large and vibrant LGBTIQ+ community, whom our people and services have proudly walked alongside for decades.

As the parade takes over Oxford Street this Saturday night, keep a look out for the Kirketon Road Centre (KRC) Bus. The KRC Bus is a successor of the original ‘AIDS Bus’, an essential lifeline during the HIV/AIDS crisis which provided healthcare, testing and education to those affected by the epidemic.

80 staff from KRC, the Albion Centre, Sydney Sexual Health, Short St Sexual Health and the Harp Unit will be marching alongside the bus, donning some great 1980s fashion.

“Our parade entry is tribute to the dedicated SESLHD health workers and community partners who have achieved the remarkable reality that Inner Sydney has reduced new HIV acquisitions by 88%,” said Gary Gahan, Manager of Projects and Consumer Programs at KRC.

“That’s an achievement worth celebrating.”

Meanwhile, a ‘Photobooth Roadshow’ is making its way across the District and made its first stop at Sydney/Sydney Eye Hospital. Props, a selfie frame and a quiz with prizes will be on hand to celebrate inclusion and diversity.

“The key message of the photo stall will be one of inclusion for LGBTIQ+ patients and staff with the phrase: ‘Everyone is welcome here’,” said Brendan Crozier, Co-Chair of the SESLHD LGBTIQ+ Community of Practice.

“We will also promote the new LGBTIQ+ SESLHD Work Plan and the new Rainbow Network beginning at SESLHD,” Brendan said.

SESLHD Pride organisers at Sydney/Sydney Eye Hospital