Frontline workers overwhelmed by artworks from local kids

Healthcare staff from across the district have received an influx of drawings and messages of admiration and encouragement from members of the community. Handmade cards and paintings were delivered to St George, Sutherland and Prince of Wales hospitals from schools, families and anonymous individuals, with positive messages for South Eastern Sydney Local Health District's heroes.

Louise Scuderi, Senior Social Worker, Prince of Wales Hospital, was touched when presented with a pile of beautiful drawings created by children who attend her son’s Out of School Hours Care at St Charles Primary School in Ryde.

The drawings thanked nurses and doctors alike for the work they are doing to protect the community throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, and are now displayed along the wall outside her ward for passing staff to see.

Ms Scuderi said: “It was a kind deed that the children and educators came up with. When they gave the pictures to me and asked if I could display them where I work, I was very touched. It was such a thoughtful gesture.”

Meanwhile, Prince of Wales Hospital received an email containing a collection of artworks from children from across the state, wishing to show their gratitude and support.

The email came from Rochelle Manczak and Lauren Mitchell from the NSW South Coast, who together started a community Facebook group called Drawings for Healthcare Heroes, with the intention to express gratitude and lift spirits of frontline workers during testing times.

Co-founder, Ms Manczak, said the idea was originally inspired by another Facebook community page called Drawings for Oldies.

“The sentiment behind the idea is much the same - to bring some joy, colour, love, support, thanks and relief to all the people working bravely preparing for the battle with COVID 19. The idea was to also brighten the hospital wards with children’s artwork for the benefit of the patients,” Ms Manczak said.

Lauren and Rochelle both know the power of children’s artwork to evoke a smile and bring joy. “At a time when we all feel so helpless, it's the small things that mean so much,” Ms Mitchell said.

The artworks are being sent in from all over the state, and Rochelle and Lauren hope that the word keeps spreading. Their thanks goes to all levels of staff, knowing that everyone has an integral part to play. They ask that the artworks be printed and distributed around hospitals to show community support.

Colourful, cheerful thank you cards were also sent by students from Taren Point Public School to employees at Sutherland Hospital, letting healthcare workers know they are appreciated.

Artwork from child, thanking healthcare staff