Get up, get dressed, get moving!

Staff at the Uniting War Memorial Hospital (WMH) woke up on Thursday 11 April and skipped a key step in their morning routine. 

Instead of getting dressed for the day, they all arrived at work in their pyjamas! Slippers, dressing gowns, night masks and all, it was the launch of WMH’s inaugural End PJ Paralysis campaign. 

In a fun display of role-reversal, End PJ Paralysis is all about demonstrating how important it is for aged rehab patients to get up and get dressed each day. 

Nicky Kirk, WMH Quality & Clinical Governance Manager, explained that patients don’t stop moving because they’re deconditioned; they’re deconditioned because they’ve stopped moving. 

“Our patients become weaker the longer they spend in bed. Getting up and moving can reduce the length of hospital stay because patients are more motivated, more mobile and more social. Our aim is to help our patients to reach their goals sooner, enabling them to spend more time at home and less time in hospital,” said Nicky. 

“Arriving to work in our PJs reminded us how vulnerable it can feel, but also that it makes you just want to sit down and enjoy a cup of tea or go back to bed!” 

Dressed in their best-looking nightwear, the day was filled with games, activities, and education sessions to show the positive impact that getting up and getting dressed has on patients. 

The WMH will meet their goal to End PJ Paralysis by encouraging all patients to get up and get dressed daily, to mobilise throughout the day with a range of activities and to visit the dining room at mealtimes.  

The result of the campaign will not only see patients recovering quicker, but will provide them with regular routine, strengthen muscles, encourage socialisation with others and enable them to take ownership of their own recovery and wellbeing.

Staff with patient to launch End PJ Paralysis campaign