Healthy mob, strong community: SESLHD Aboriginal Health Plan 2024-2026

The Aboriginal Health Plan 2024-2026, scheduled for release in late August 2024, will establish the strategic direction of Aboriginal Health initiatives for SESLHD going forward. 

Co-designed with Aboriginal community members through community consultation and the SESLHD Aboriginal Health Directorate, the plan recognises the history that continues to have an impact on health outcomes for Aboriginal people.    

The plan commits SESLHD to six strategic directions:   

Community Informed Decision making 

- Improve Community connection 

Equity and access 

- Partner with community to deliver services locally that meet Aboriginal people’s needs 

- Ensure access to consistent, culturally safe services across our district 

- Address barriers to care that prevent Aboriginal people accessing care when it is required 

Working in Partnership  

- Be informed by the knowledge of our Aboriginal-led organisations to partner meaningfully to better meet the needs of our community 

Aboriginal Workforce  

- Increase the Aboriginal workforce across the organisation 

- Ensure our Aboriginal staff have access to programs that support their Cultural Safety 

- Develop leadership roles and pathways that support progression of Aboriginal people through our organisation 

Cultural Safety  

- Provision of Culturally Safe spaces in our facilities 

- Ensure our services are culturally aware and responsive to the needs of Aboriginal people 

Data Sovereignty and Governance 

- Ensure Aboriginal people have ownership over their own data 

The Aboriginal Health Plan 2024-2026 supports the visions of SESLHD of being a safe and trusted partner, where Aboriginal community and staff feel safe, respected, and empowered.  

Skye Parsons, SESLHD Director of Aboriginal Health explains: “This Aboriginal Health Plan, at its core, is about listening to our voices, hearing our messaging, and appreciating what our culture has to offer to the Local Health District. If we do these things, we will see improvement in the service we provide for our local Aboriginal Community.” 

Look out for further details about the plan closer to the August release date. 

Pictured: SESLHD Aboriginal Health Community Consultation Day

A photo from a Community Consultation Day