Kirsty received a uterus transplant in January. Now, she’s pregnant

The first woman to receive a uterus transplant in Australia has fallen pregnant just three months after undergoing the procedure in a major milestone for pioneering Sydney research, giving hope to women previously told they were unable to bear children.

Kirsty Bryant, from Coffs Harbour, is due to give birth to her second child before Christmas, less than a year after receiving her 54-year-old mother’s uterus in a marathon 16-hour surgery at the Royal Hospital for Women in January.

“The idea of potentially having a new baby by Christmas, it’s just insane,” she said. “I got to see the heartbeat on an ultrasound [on Wednesday], and that really hit home that this is happening. I’m pregnant.”

Kirsty underwent an emergency hysterectomy after suffering a haemorrhage following the birth of her daughter Violet in 2021. She was told she would never carry another child, but in December she and husband Nick will welcome a fourth member to the family.

“Violet actually can’t decide whether she wants a brother or sister – she says she just wants a baby,” Kirsty said. “At least I can definitely bring home a baby.”

Dr Rebecca Deans, the gynaecologist leading the trial, said “she couldn’t be happier.”

“It’s come at the earliest time I would have expected to have had a positive outcome,” Dr Deans said.

Dr Deans said the trial was intended to expand the fertility options available to women in Australia.

“For many women, the thought of being able to carry their own child is a massive thing,” she said.

“It’s amazing that we can actually offer it.”

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Kirsty received a uterus transplant in January. Now, she’s pregnant