Member for Miranda visits Aged Care Ward at Sutherland Hospital

Eleni Petinos MP, Member for Miranda, visited Sutherland Hospital to tour the Killara Extension Ward (Aged Care) and view proposed areas for refurbishment on Thursday, 13 June, 2019.

The tour was led by Nicole Wedell, Operational Nurse Manager, Sutherland Hospital, Kiran Pandit, Nursing Unit Manager, Killara Acute and Extension, Sutherland Hospital and Kristine Tobin, Aged Care Clinical Nurse Consultant, Sutherland Hospital.

Ms Wedell said funding from the NSW Government has been provided to improve the Killara Extension Ward in an effort to make it feel more ‘homely’, and the staff are very grateful for this opportunity.

“Patients in the Killara Extension Ward have been diagnosed with dementia and we wanted to enhance the space to provide a more calming and relaxing environment,” Ms Wedell said.  

“Upgrades will include an awning to provide shade in the courtyard, a new TV, fixed TV cabinet, book shelf and lounges.”

Ms Tobin added: “To achieve a more calming environment, we have been considerate when selecting new items – for example, the new lounges will be blue as this is a soothing colour – and the fabric is soft with few patterns to ensure patients do not become over-stimulated.”

Nicole Wedell, Eleni Petinos, Kristin Tobi & Kiran Pandit in the Killara Extension courtyard, soon to be covered by an awning