More comfort for bereaved families at Randwick campus

The mortuary viewing room used by Prince of Wales Hospital and Sydney Children’s Hospital Randwick has undergone a refurbishment, creating a comfortable space for loved ones to say goodbye.
The social work departments from both hospitals collaborated to refurbish the inside of the viewing room and the long corridor leading up to it – which now includes a seating area – and commissioned a piece of Aboriginal art by local artist, Jordan Ardler, titled ‘Journey Through the Dreaming’.
Peggy Yeomans, Deputy Department Head, Social Work, Prince of Wales Hospital, said the viewing room plays an important role in being able to support bereaved families. 
“Thanks to the refurbishments, the viewing room is now a much more welcoming and comforting space for bereaved families. The seating outside is a helpful addition to provide adequate space for family groups,” Ms Yeomans said.
“The upgrades have also meant we could ensure the room and surrounding spaces are sensitive to the needs of different cultures. This includes displaying an Indigenous map of Australia as well as a map of the world to acknowledge the many cultures present in Australia today.”
The refurbishment was funded by the Ministry of Health, accessed through the Sydney Children’s Hospital Network Palliative Care Service. The Sydney Children’s Hospital Foundation Art Program has loaned artworks that line the corridor and in the viewing room.

Mortuary viewing room