Narrangy-Booris celebrates 10 years of service

The Narrangy-Booris Building Strong Foundations Aboriginal Child and Family Health service at Menai celebrated their 10-year anniversary recently with a small gathering to mark the significant milestone.

Tobi Wilson, SESLHD Chief Executive, presented the team with a commemorative plaque to acknowledge their hard work over the past decade.

“I would like to congratulate the staff at Narrangy-Booris for providing our local Aboriginal community such incredible support over the past 10 years,” Mr Wilson said.

“It was a privilege to celebrate the wonderful achievements of past and present team members who have all contributed so much to the service at this special 10 year anniversary event. Their dedication and commitment to promoting the health and well-being of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander families in a supportive environment has been outstanding.” 

The service is an important component of the District’s commitment to ‘Close the Gap’ for Aboriginal families and aligns well with the principles of the First 2000 Days Framework, ensuring that all children receive the best possible start to life.

Alexandra Read, Nurse Manager, SESLHD Child and Family Health Service, said the Narrangy-Booris team provides culturally safe and supportive early childhood health services for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children from birth to five years and their families, helping children fully engage in life and learning.

“Aboriginal health workers within the service provide critical support in developing trusted community relationships and work alongside clinicians to create culturally safe spaces where families feel comfortable to access health services,” Ms Read said.

Located in the Sutherland Shire, where the Aboriginal population has seen a growth rate of around 40 per cent over the past decade, the demand for this service has increased significantly.

From its humble beginnings, the service began with only 35 clients but today Narrangy-Booris has approximately 500 active clients. Congratulations to all staff, both past and present, who have made a wonderful contribution to Narrangy-Booris.

Pictured: Aboriginal health workers Wendy Bunn and Melissa Cawley with SESLHD's Chief Executive Tobi Wilson.

Aboriginal health workers Wendy Bunn and Melissa Cawley with SESLHD's Chief Executive Tobi Wilson.