New bus get Garrawarra residents on the move

Lee Evans MP, Member for Heathcote, visited Garrawarra Centre on Tuesday, 23 July to officially welcome the arrival of a new bus.
The Member for Heathcote joined Valerie Jovanovic, General Manager, Sutherland Hospital and Garrawarra Centre; Jan Heiler, Director of Nursing, Sutherland Hospital and Geoff Dulhunty, Nurse Manager and Facility Manager, Garrawarra Centre, alongside staff and residents for a ribbon-cutting.
Ms Jovanovic acknowledged additional new items of equipment for the facility, funded by the NSW Government, including a new electrocardiogram (ECG) machine and stand, two bariatric beds and a point-of-care blood testing machine.
“Regular bus outings for residents and staff at Garrawarra Centre play a key role in ensuring quality of care – a change of scenery to visit beaches, parks and lookouts in the local region are activities residents can enjoy, and these trips enable staff who stay onsite to dedicate attention to those who may have more specialised needs,” Ms Jovanovic said.
The Member for Heathcote added that he hopes the new equipment will allow staff to undertake their roles more efficiently:

“Garrawarra Centre focus on the individual needs of each resident and provide incredible care day in and day out, the staff provide amazing care to some of our most vulnerable residents and it’s crucial that we do everything we can to make life a little easier," Mr Evans said.

Valerie Jovanovic speaks with grateful Garrawarra residents