New mums share meals and their experiences

The Royal Hospital for Women was excited to open its all-new communal dining space for mums in the postnatal unit in June. 

The first few days after the birth of a baby are a joyous, but often overwhelming, time. As well as resting and recovering from birth, mums and babies are establishing feeding, learning how to swaddle and bathe, having health and hearing checks and, most importantly, bonding. 

Communal dining gives mums the opportunity to step out of their rooms and meet other mums and families at the same stage in their parenting journey. Joanne Coleman, Midwifery Unit Manager for the postnatal unit, said dining together gives mums the chance to make early connections. 

“The early days and weeks after a baby is born can be a really isolating time. It can feel like a blur of feeding, changing, and settling. There’s a lot to get used to and a lot of new information to take in.  

“By coming together at meal times, mums have the opportunity to share how they’re feeling and make those valuable first connections with other new mums.” 

Three fresh, buffet meals are served daily including both hot and cold options. As new mums need regular nourishment, women can also take extra food back to their rooms to have later in the day. 

Closed during the COVID-era, the dining space has had a much-needed refurbishment, now boasting new flooring, kitchen and appliances. The dining area has also been kitted out with stylish new, Australian-designed, furniture generously donated by Koala.