New Precision Care Clinic to transform cancer healthcare

Australians with cancer will receive more personalised and tailored care through the new Precision Care Clinic at Prince of Wales Hospital (POWH). 

The inaugural Precision Care Clinic has brought together a team of Australian experts with international recognition to lead this game-changing research program. 

The clinic will support the rapid adoption of precision medicine research into routine public healthcare. 

Precision medicine is an emerging scientific area which treats patients based on their individual makeup and genes. It takes into consideration their long-recognised clinical, lifestyle and environmental factors, strategically matching the right treatment or clinical trial to the right patient. 

Cancer doctors and patients from across Australia will be able to seamlessly incorporate genomic results into care plans. 

This will allow them to comprehensively consider all current and emerging treatment options and their potential implications, including targeted therapy, clinical trials and cancer risk management. 

Director of Cancer and Haematology Services at POWH, Professor Boon Chua said the clinic has been carefully designed to support healthcare professionals currently facing gaps and challenges in precision care. 

“Prince of Wales Hospital is proud to be playing an important role in embedding precision oncology within our health services,” Professor Chua said. 

“Our patients will now be able to access their precision cancer information, advice and care all in the one place, without having to navigate their way through multiple clinics and specialists.” 

UNSW’s School of Population Health Scientia Associate Professor Natalie Taylor, who is leading the research to integrate precision medicine into routine cancer care, said precision oncology is changing the way we need to think about managing cancer in healthcare. 

“Precision oncology represents a paradigm shift that has the potential to affect all domains of cancer care. The initiative is built on the latest clinical evidence and health system research, with careful consideration of the barriers that patients can face during their cancer journey,” said Associate Professor Taylor. 

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