Pet therapy

A dog-mum and her pups share an unbreakable bond. Meet Fiona Andrekson, Ward Clerk at the Royal Hospital for Women, and her pooches Stella and Gigi.

“Stella is my three year old black Labrador and our family adore her.

My mum was a successful Golden Retriever judge and breeder in the UK. She came over to Australia four years ago to be an international judge for a large show.

When choosing Stella I wanted a black rather than a golden haired dog as I was always covered in golden dog hair growing up.

Stella loves swimming in the ocean with my husband and people are amazed by her abilities!

She has a beautiful coat and white teeth and eats a carrot each morning which she loves.

Gigi is my one year old French Bulldog. I wanted a second dog that wasn’t as big as a Labrador so I picked a Frenchie and I couldn’t be happier. She’s so affectionate and such a character. She makes us laugh all the time!

She sleeps under my covers at night and gives me a big kiss in the morning. She’s very bossy to Stella but they love playing with each other especially tug of war with my socks. They also play chase around the house which is so funny to watch. Gigi goes very hyper.

During the winter I had a collection of eight jumpers for Gigi as she feels the cold – they were Nautica and DKNY. She’s quite the designer dog!

I love coming home in the evening to see their happy faces and taking them for a walk, you get to know people in your neighbourhood who you wouldn’t usually meet.

They really do enrich my life.”

Stella the black Labrador