Physician trainees pass with flying colours

In a proud achievement for our District, SESLHD’s current rotation of Basic Physician Trainees from the East Coast Medical Network have received a 100% pass rate in their Royal Australian College of Physician (RACP) written examination. 

One of only two training networks in NSW to receive a 100% pass rate, the exam assessed the depth and breadth of the physicians’ understanding of basic science and clinical knowledge in adult medicine. The trainees will now progress to the clinical examinations in June. 

Prof Jeffrey Post, Director of Physician Education, Prince of Wales Hospital, said the results are a reflection of the District’s investment in our future doctors. 

“Congratulations to our successful physician trainees on passing their RACP written examinations,” said Prof Post. 

“It is a remarkable achievement. Thanks should also be given to all those who were instrumental in supporting and mentoring our trainees throughout the past year.” 

The 14 physician trainees are completing their training in adult medicine before choosing to specialise in a particular area of medicine, and are currently rotating across three hospitals in SESLHD – The Royal Hospital for Women, Sydney/Sydney Eye Hospital and Prince of Wales Hospital.

Basic Physician Trainees