Pioneering new service addresses a critical gap in cancer care

A groundbreaking new Cardio-Oncology Clinic has opened at Prince of Wales Hospital, providing cancer patients who may be at risk of cardiovascular complications with comprehensive, multidisciplinary care and support. 

Despite significant progress in cancer survival and outcomes, a large proportion of patients with cancer will experience heart disease as a result of their cancer or cancer treatment.

The innovative new service is one of the first of its kind in Australia and represents a proactive approach to addressing heart disease in cancer patients and will integrate cardiovascular care into cancer treatment to improve patient outcomes.

Led by Cardiologist, Dr Daniel Chen (pictured second from right), the clinic aims to bridge the gap between cancer treatment and cardiovascular health. 

“Our mission is to prevent, promptly recognise, and effectively manage the cardiovascular effects of cancer treatments, to minimise treatment interruptions and enhance patients' cardiovascular health and wellbeing,” said Dr Chen.

Director of Cancer and Haematology Services at Prince of Wales Hospital, Professor Boon Chua, said the clinic recognises the disproportionate burden of heart disease in cancer patients.

“Introducing the Cardio-Oncology Clinic underscores our dedication to providing personalised, multidisciplinary care that addresses the complex interplay between cancer and cardiovascular health, ultimately improving the quality of life for our patients," said Professor Chua. 

The clinic forms part of the Cancer Survivorship Service and is supported by a multidisciplinary team including oncology staff specialists, allied health, and oncology nursing staff.

Pictured left to right: Director of Cancer & Haematology Services Prof Boon Chua, Registrar and Cardiology Advanced Trainee Dr Andrew Dind, Cardiologist Dr Daniel Chen, Oncologist Dr Monica Tang

Team behind the new Cardio-Oncology Clinic