Royal staff share the fun on party day

When you walk into a highly specialised care facility for newborns you probably wouldn’t expect to see everyone dressed up as Disney characters.

But it was the annual Party Day at the Royal Hospital for Women’s Newborn Care Centre, which resembled a Hollywood film set.

The enthusiasm for this year’s Disney theme was obvious among staff.

A very happy Anna Scott-Murphy, the centre’s Nursing Unit Manager said it was a great day.

“Everyone had a lot of fun,” Ms Scott-Murphy said.

“Nursing and medical staff had been planning this for weeks as they put together costumes and decorations. A lot of staff worked on the decorations at home.”

“It’s something everyone looks forward to,” she added.

The staff, whose responsibilities include looking after The Royal’s tiniest patients, used all their creative skills.

They utilised recycled material from the ward to make a castle out of cardboard boxes, and created a Lion King-themed jungle and a racetrack inspired by the Cars movies.

There were even balloons to remind everyone of the Up movie.

People dressed up as so many different characters from films such as Alice in Wonderland and Rapunzel from Tangled.

The colourful day was an undoubted success.

NICU staff dressed up for Party Day