SESLHD’s newest generation of doctors join the ranks

Newly-graduated doctors have begun their medical careers at SESLHD hospitals, as part of the state’s 2022 intake. Over the coming months we will welcome over 100 interns, almost 300 graduate nurses and dozens of new graduate allied health and pharmacists across our sites.
Tobi Wilson, Chief Executive, SESLHD said it is great to welcome new starters to our District. 
“Many of this new generation have already earned their stripes in our health system, having worked as assistants in medicine, student vaccinators, assistants in nursing or allied health assistants as part of the COVID-19 workforce response across NSW. We are indebted to them.”
The new doctors starting their internship will be entering a training program with networked hospitals throughout the state, providing formal and on the job training.
They receive two-year contracts to rotate between metropolitan, regional and rural hospitals to ensure the diversity of their experience. They also join different units in each hospital, including surgery and emergency medicine. 
Interns are medical graduates who have completed their medical degree and are required to complete a supervised year of practice in order to become independent practitioners.
More information about the recruitment of junior medical officers can be found 

Prince of Wales Hospital interns standing outside