SESLHD’s top 10 sustainability tips for 2020

If you are overwhelmed by the constant talk of climate change and need some handy tips on what part you can play in reducing our district's carbon footprint, Dr Kate Charlesworth, SESLHD's Environmental Sustainability Lead, has produced a flyer on the top 10 tips for sustainability for 2020.

"I’ve had a lot of people ask me what they can do as a member of SESLHD to start reducing our environmental impact," Dr Charlesworth said.

“The waste hierarchy is Reduce (first priority), Re-use, Recycle. This year’s theme is REDUCE. 

“Our district Sustainability Committee and the executive team are working towards major initiatives such as carbon accounting and more sustainable procurement and energy projects however much of our environmental impact comes from actions that staff make every day.”

You can reduce your personal environmental impact by reducing waste, recycling and saving energy, according to Dr Charlesworth.

The flyer includes tips specific to the health system, such as reducing unnecessary tests and procedures, prudent medication prescribing and ideas on how to keep the community well.

"I urge you to share this flyer with your colleagues," Dr Charlesworth said.

You can take a look at the flyer, here.

St George Hospital's "Green Dragons" showing off their green bin, Keep Cups and sustainble water bottles