SESLHD launches Environmental Sustainability Plan

SESLHD has taken a significant step to recognise and act on climate risk, launching the SESLHD Environmental Sustainability Plan 2019 – 2021 on Friday, 21 June 2019 at the Research and Education Centre, St George Hospital.
The Plan, officially presented by Tobi Wilson, Chief Executive, SESLHD, sets out an intentionally ambitious agenda to address the district’s climate risk and to take opportunities to simultaneously improve health, save money and save carbon.
“Health professionals and organisations have a responsibility to take an evidence-based approach to our services and to our models of care, so that we can provide the best possible patient care,” Mr Wilson said.
“Similarly, we have a responsibility – and an opportunity – to take an evidence-based approach to our climate risk.
“SESLHD has a significant carbon footprint: 185,000 tonnes CO2e – which is equivalent to the annual emissions of about 35,000 family cars.

“I am pleased to launch this SESLHD Environmental Sustainability Plan 2019-2021. We understand that it is ambitious, but we also understand that ambition is what is required to meet this challenge, and we look forward to working together to realise the many opportunities for SESLHD to improve health, save money and save carbon,” Mr Wilson said.

Dr Kate Charlesworth, Environmental Sustainability Lead, SESLHD, said the plan is the first in Australia to be guided by the Sustainable Development Assessment Tool (SDAT).
“The SDAT was developed by the National Health Service in England, and has a proven record of success. Between 2008 and 2018, the tool helped to reduce the carbon footprint of England’s healthcare sector by almost 20 per cent,” Dr Charlesworth said.
“Immediate tactics within the plan will focus on reducing carbon, including waste and energy management.
“Looking forward, the plan aims to set the district on a path to developing low-carbon models of healthcare. In this setting, as well as patient outcomes and cost, carbon will also be measured,” Dr Charlesworth said.
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Tobi Wilson (Chief Executive), Dr Kate Charlesworth (Environmental Sustainability Lead) & Tony Jackson (A/Director, Primary, Integrated and Community Health) at the Environmental Sustainability Plan launch