SESLHD's Mental Health Service supports the Bondi community

Following the tragic events at Bondi Junction Westfield, SESLHD’s Mental Health Service has been providing support to those affected.

The dedicated Mental Health response team has been offering community outreach support in and around Bondi Junction. Teams of clinicians have been providing guidance, reassurance, and information on accessing primary care services.

Recognising the heightened demand for assistance, additional clinicians have been assigned to staff the State Mental Health Line, ensuring continuous access and support for those in need.

Chris Hay, General Manager, SESLHD Mental Health said that the community has been deeply thankful for the valuable support offered by our clinicians.

“Their presence and aid has brought significant comfort and reassurance to those affected, fostering a sense of unity and optimism during this difficult period,” said Chris.

“The neon vests worn by our ground teams have served as a clear symbol of support. The professionalism and care the teams have shown is testament to their commitment and compassion, even in the most challenging of circumstances.” 

Mental Health response team