Seventeen babies leap into the world in South East Sydney

The date only comes around once every four years, but it was a busy day for maternity staff across the district on Saturday 29 February with 17 babies leaping into the world on ‘leap day’.
Rory Morley was the first leapling to arrive at Sutherland Hospital at 12.02am. An hour later, Caleb Mear was born at St George Hospital and at 3.04am baby Remy Hollis joined the unique group of people who celebrate their birthday only once every four years when he came into the world at the Royal Hospital for Women.
Rory, Caleb and Remy, along with another seven babies born at St George Hospital, one at Sutherland Hospital and six at the Royal Hospital for Women, will have to wait until 2092 before they celebrate their eighteenth birthday.
Now that their babies have arrived on this special day, their parents have the difficult task of deciding when to celebrate their child’s birthday when it’s not a leap year. Regardless of their choice, every fourth birthday will be a great celebration and they will be able to claim the tag line forever young with ease.

Nicole & Aaron Morley with baby Rory