Top Honour for Professor John Myburgh AO - St George Hospital Senior Intensive Care Physician

Professor John Myburgh, Senior Intensive Care Physician, St George Hospital was awarded a Doctor of Science from UNSW Sydney for his outstanding contribution to the field of critical care and trauma on Saturday, 11 May, 2019.

Leisa Rathborne, General Manager, St George Hospital said Professor Myburgh’s honourable work and contribution to intensive care medicine at St George Hospital over the last two decades has helped the hospital to grow to become one of the leading centres for critical care in NSW.

“Patients in the intensive care unit are amongst the most vulnerable in the hospital, and I’m proud we can assure the local community that they are receiving the best possible care from highly qualified and passionate staff,” Ms Rathborne said.

“Professor Myburgh’s prestigious award of a Doctor of Science is extremely well deserved – and it’s exciting that our staff have a colleague with such levels of expertise to learn from, and be guided by.”

Professor Myburgh has published more than 200 research papers leading to more than 10,000 citations of his work. As chief investigator in more than 15 large clinical trials he has contributed to changing policy and practises in intensive care all over the world.

UNSW’s Dean of Medicine, Professor Rodney Phillips, said Professor Myburgh’s expertise and research was judged to have led to significant scientific advance.

“Professor Myburgh has contributed so much to the rationalisation of care of patients within critical care units that the academic board of the university had no hesitation in recommending that Professor Myburgh be awarded the decree of doctor of science,” Professor Phillip said.

“The award is a testimony to a lifetime of achievements and dedication in the field of critical care medicine and in particular to fluid resuscitation, shock and brain injury."

(Pic: Professor Rodney Phillips, Dean Faculty of Medicine, UNSW, Professor Rebecca Ivers, Head, School of Public Health and Community Medicine, UNSW, Professor John Myburgh AO, Senior Intensive Care Physician, St George Hospital and Professor Richard Henry, Pro Chancellor, UNSW) 

Group of four people in university awards setting